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Tap into your potential for performance success


What do we do?

Mind Tap provides several support strategies that can help optimise your performance levels in a range of different environments.

Traditional approaches to performance enhancement mainly focus on improving your weakest areas of performance and pursuing skills you don't currently have. At Mind Tap, we don't just help develop your weaknesses, we also focus on preserving and developing your greatest strengths and considering the most important factors that will facilitate positive behaviour change.

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MindTap Performance

- Performance excellence
- Mental agility 
- Mental toughness
- Motivation 
- Psychological skills training 
- Culture development and motivational climates
- Personality 
- Athlete identity

MindTap Business

- Leadership 
- Communication 
- Emotional intelligence
- Work-life balance
- Productivity levels
- Motivated and united culture
- Mission statement and values
- Roles & Responsibilities

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"Learn through vision, acquire through spirit, conquer through bravery"



Successful Collaborations

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England Handball Association

Expertise Overview

Accredited Sport & Exercise Scientist (Psychology) with the British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences

Lecturer in Sports Psychology and Coaching at University Campus North Lincolnshire

Exercise Psychology Practitioner

Solution-focused Therapist (Association of Psychological Therapies)

Research area: Trait Optimism (Personality)

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