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MindTap follows a client-focused philosophy, which means:

- The client is at the centre of the process

- The client is the expert and drives the behaviour change process

- The relationship with the practitioner is collaborative and equal.

- The practitioner's job is to guide and motivate the client to come up with their own ideas/solutions.

- The relationship with the client is based on empathy, unconditional positive regard and authenticity.

- Empower, motivate and encourage the client to see and move towards their best possible self.

The objectives of MindTap are to:

- Focus on the present and future aspects of life: What do you want to achieve? How do you want to become happier? What do you want to do more off? How do you want to enhance your wellbeing?

- Establish your motivators for positive behaviour change: Why do you want to develop those behavioural habits? What are the positive consequences of these behaviours?

- Guide you on how to use your beliefs, attitudes and emotions to help you thrive instead of surviving.

- Help build a positive concept of yourself.

- Help you develop cognitive, emotional, behavioural and environmental awareness: How can you use the knowledge of these areas to achieve your goals and ambitions?

- Self-regulation: Developing psychological skills to effectively deal with emotions, thoughts and feelings in a range of environments/situations. 

MindTap's Philosophy: About Me
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